Zack Ehrmann was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, and currently resides in *Brooklyn, NY. He has worked intermittently – and often unsatisfactorily – as a grocery clerk (fired for smoking cigarettes underage), a ticket-taker for entry into a local waterpark, a record store clerk, a help desk technician, a law firm runner, a musician, a live captioner for telephonic devices utilized by the hard-of-hearing (fired for scoring below the accuracy threshold, and, rumor has it, doing so on purpose), a therapist, and a copywriter, to name a few. Hailing from a long line of talented writers, he has resolved to work hard enough to only be considered a mere embarrassment by way of comparison.

PS: Did you know he also starred in a film with his good pal Lemmy from Motörhead? Just don't blink or sneeze, lest you miss him. Always sitting down on the job. Check it out.